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DermoACM Porject


DermoACM® grew out of Ekuberg Pharma’s experience in the cosmetic field. It is an Italian company with twenty years’ presence in the international market, which aims at providing an effective answer to the specific needs for hygiene, hydration and protection of dry and sensitive skin and skin prone to alteration, in order to improve skin comfort and quality of life.

From this, DermoACM® and SKIN – ALLIED BY NATURE project was born, where science and nature combine and complement each other.

A project that is based on the company ethic of Research and development of “human-friendly” solutions, made in collaboration with rheumatologists and dermatologists. In this sense, Ekuberg Pharma carried out a preliminary study on the choice of raw material to be used in manufacturing the products and on their affinity with the skin.

DermoACM® line, with its range of products, allows to take care of your skin completely, thanks to products with high concentration of active substances of plant origin.


Surfactants are substances with foaming, wetting, cleansing and solubilizing properties. Their function is to catch remains and impurities, which are then removed during rinsing. However, if they are too aggressive, surfactants can damage the hydrolipidic film of the skin.

For example, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) are the most commonly used surfactants in cosmetics, but also those causing the greatest irritating effects and skin sensitisation. 

DermoACM® products are formulated with biodegradable, plant origin and sulfate-free (SLES and SLS) surfactants.


Preservatives are widely used in cosmetic preparations to prevent degradation. Indeed, cosmetic products contain substances which can alter and, consequently, can cause bacterial proliferation. To avoid this, antioxidant and antimicrobial preservatives are used.

With fragrances, PRESERVATIVES are substances which can cause allergies and irritations of the skin. The most commonly used preservative are Thiazolinones, considered as strong sensitisers, and the family of Parabens, widely used in the cosmetic industry. These can cause intolerances, especially to sensitive skin.

DermoACM® products are Thiazolinone and Paraben FREE and formulated with a delicate allergen-free fragrance.